Andasin IV

Current King of Kanday


A man of medium build and height – he keeps his hair shorn (which is against custom) and wears simple robes despite his rank.
He is a renowned merchant and seems more interested in books than combat.


Image taken from the Kanday Kingdom Module available from Columbia Games Ltd.
Art by Richard Luschek.
Modified using Token Tool.


Andasin IV, eldest son of Sir Ranald “Kingslayer” Milaka and the late Queen Mirelael, is a brilliant scholar and administrator, but an uninspiring leader. Some say his fiery brother Anaflas is his father’s son, and the more cerebral Andasin is his mother’s son.

He has become respected in the court for his knowledge and analytical ability. Since his accession to the throne, he has presided over a peaceful and prosperous time. Relations with the Mangai are excellent, and Aleath’s growth has led to prosperity throughout the Eryn Valley and through much of the kingdom. Wealthy Kandian mercantylers now hold significant interests in a number of Thardan and Rethemi commercial ventures; it is said that not a penny changes hands in Western Hârn, but that Andasin gets a farthing of it.

Andasin is a regular adherent of the church of Save K’nor. He maintains an uneasy public relationship with the powerful Laranian church for political and military reasons, and the constant threat of his displeasure has been an indirect stimulus for the church’s significant development of Shreve and Erone as prosperous centers for the production of fine woolens. It was the wily old Serolan Royal, Sir Boromis Telfane, who said “His Highness can do more hurt to our enemies with cold silver than with cold steel”.

Sir Ranald Milaka, the Earl of Sarkum and Andasin’s father, knows that Andasin makes a better king than his mercurial younger brother Anaflas. He supports Andasin’s commitment to peace, but fears that the intricate commercial network could be destroyed by laws written in the panic of war. To dissuade their enemies, Sir Ranald advises the king to show a more visible military presence along the northern border. Andasin resists, mindful of the folly of the Earl of Kuseme and the cost of resolving crises caused by hotheaded men in armour.

Andasin IV

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