Arkalin Sork of Andamen

Sargent of the night watch in Selvos


A large framed man with a penchant for pot helms and drinking wisdom, he has a bushy beard and curly red hair he wears long. Rarely out of armour, he is a night-owl and has the complexion to prove it.


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Born in 695 (25th of Kelen), in the town of Imiden, he left home early due to a minor disagreement, and got work aboard a ship. He stayed a sailor until 715, when his ship came to Selvos. Sork is now charge of the late night watch in Selvos. He’s a straightforward, honest man, who is trying to build a future. He came to Selvos as a sailor, but didn’t like the profession much. After gaining the rank of able bodied seaman, he convinced Sir Arjun Chahryn to take him on as a member of the guard. He wants to do a good job. His patrol thinks he’s a good man, and trust him.

He lives near the docks, renting a room for now (since he arrived actually) and has few personal possessions. He likes working at night, because it’s either very quiet or very not — there’s never a middle ground. He speaks rarely of his life in Imiden, it seemed his father was a labourer and his mother had too many children. He has no interest in returning, but seems uncertain how to make more of his life in Selvos.

Arkalin Sork of Andamen

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