The Master Miller of Selvos


A man of middle age, he typically has a days worth of beard on his chin – sometimes two. He dresses plainly, unless given reason, and looks to live well below his means.


Baras came to Selvos less than 10 years ago from Dunir, where he obtained his miller’s license. He works under the Earl and owns a 1/16th share of the Earls’ part, and takes 1 of each 16 bushels grain that he mills.

Baras is in love with Malkea of Malon, a fishwife from the docks of Selvos. He’s been meaning to get around to asking her to marry.

After the fire at the mill, he is also seriously considering petitioning for an apprentice, or two.

Source: Wikipedia
Image taken from The Freemen of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Modified by Token Tool.


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