Bren of Sturen

Squire to Sir Auttin Krencathy


Bren is a handsome young man of above the middle height, and a light frame. He is blue eyed, blond haired and has a light frame. He wears light leather armour rather than the chain mail his master has asked him to wear multiple times.


His family have been retainers of the Kephira clan for generations. When his family learned that Bren had become his master’s lover, his family disowned him.

Bren is a loyal and devoted young man. He loves Sir Auttin Krencathy, but is completely aware that their love must end in tears. In his most depressed days, he tries to convince Sir Auttin to marry and get back into his parents good graces. Bren speaks highly of Sir Auttin, and willingly admits he is blind to his master’s faults.

Bren comes from a large family, which he was expected to forgo to act as best friend and ally to Sir Auttin since he was a young boy. His father’s disinheritance did little to change his life. He still recieves occasional letters from his mother and sisters; and he strives to write them all back, each in turn.

Bren cares for his horse, the pack horse, and his master’s steed, as well as all the camp gear and equipment they regularly carry. While not destitute, they are poor for their noble standing. Bren is quickly becoming an expect at finding his master a place to stay. He is even willing to perform labors for others to see that his master is well cared for.


The character is derived from Kerry Mould’s description of Sir Auttin Krencathy in Selvos People. The file is available for download from
The image is from Elfwood Fantasy and Sci Fi. Where it is unattributed. And “Padraig” on deviant art by severeene.

Bren of Sturen

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