Captain Frukes of Angrit

Mercenary leader in Ilikur


A bald, fiery little man from Melderyn, he is a demon with the hand axe. His mercenary company (Fruke’s angels) works exclusively for the Mining Guild in Ilikur. He dresses simply, eschewing armor for speed.


Born in Melderyn to a city guard and a washer woman. His early life was spent in Cherafir where he tried his hand at odd jobs and eventually ended up as part of the militia. He left when he was 18 with a mercenary company and slowly traveled west. Chybisa had little or no use for mercenaries. The tribal lands between Kaldor and Tharda gave him a lot of experience, and Tharda’s cities didn’t suit him. He tried to form a group of mercenaries in Tharda, but disliked the competition the legion provided for most of the good jobs. He made a deal with the miner’s guild and came at last to Kanday.

Depending on how drunk he is, determines how much of his history you can learn; unfortunately men of his company will tell you that the stories are always different each time. He enjoys his job and tries to protect his soldiers from the stupidities of “management”. He is a devout Halean and often bemoans the lack of temples and acolytes in Kanday.


Information derrived from Dureve Hundred by Kerry Mould. Available from
Image copyright Richard Luschek

Captain Frukes of Angrit

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