Captain Losirain Chahryn

Captain of the ship the Baccarus


A sultry-eyed man of above-middle height and slim at the waist. Strong and able, he sees himself as a gentleman, and often tells people that he’s not (despite his name). Shoulder-length brown hair (straight), brown eyes and high cheek-bones; most find him handsome — something he milks for all its worth.


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Captain of the Baccaras, he plies his trade up and down the western coast of Harn. He prefers to travel from Aleath to Selvos, but occasionally must go further north into Golotha and parts further north. He’s not comfortable with it, but money is money.

Born on the far side of Aleath, he joined the seaman’s guild at the age of 6. He grew up on board ships, taking after his long absent father. His mother, he claims, hardly noticed he was gone – him being the middle child of six living children. He claims his mother is a washerwoman. His crew believes that this is indeed her current occupation, but she was well known in the city once. He visits rarely, seeming more embarrassed to meet any of his immediate family in the city. His family name has earned him some attention in Selvos, but he admits to being a very distant cousin far removed from political power.

He was a first mate aboard the Charibdis out of Melderyn for 7 years, then transferred to be a night-watchman onboard the Vermillion for travels to Lythia. After a decade on board, his return to Aleath offered the chance to captain the Baccaras as the owner was seeking a new captain and crew. He built his own crew based on those he knew from other ships and those who’s reputations he could assert. The previous crew took the chance to switch to a newly built ship with their captain, and the few that remained are still serving aboard the aging Baccarus.

Captain Losirain lives aboard and works hard to see the ship’s owner regularly well paid. He is always up for an adventure and happy to help any warrior women who might want some assistance.

Captain Losirain Chahryn

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