Captian Kairena of Thelya

Captain of the Fitacore, White Ship out of Melderyn


The captain of the Fitacore, she is a woman of strong will and stronger magic.


She is an orphan (illegitimate) who was abandoned at the Peonian temple in Thay. She, like many before her, refered to the temple leaders as aunt and uncle. She spent a few years as an apprentice to a local blacksmith, but when her talents were discovered, she apprenticed to the Shek-Pvar. Rumors abound as to her birthplace, by her telling it was a bar – but truth be told no one much remembers or knows where she came from.

After several years of traveling across Harn as a Satia-Maravi, she took the job as the Fitacore’s captain; hiring the rest of the crew and overseeing its maiden voyage. She loves her job, the people – not so much. She’s been to most of the big cities on the island, and has a good understanding of mercantylism and piracy; as much from her travels as her time on-board the Fitacore.

Officially, she has a privateer’s license from the King of Kanday and the Kingdom of Melderyn. The Orbaleese and Rethemi see her as an aggressor and are not friendly to her ship or her purposes. She tries to stop and lay claim to any slaver ship that travels the sourthern Harnic waters. If she sees one ship attacking another, she will defend any ship flying Kanday or Melderyn flags first. If the ownership of the ship is uncertain, as it often is, she will stand aside and either offer assistance or help sink the victor, depending on their loyalties.


Image taken from Kerembeyit’s Deviant art page
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Captian Kairena of Thelya

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