Carals of Hilgenel

Innkeeper of the Safe Harbour Inn in Selvos


A heavy-set man of the middle height, he has dark hair that is graying quickly. He sports a bushy mustache that only his wife seems to love. He dresses in cheap tunics and breaks, and wears well-aged leather shoes.

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Perhaps the laziest man in Selvos, the 43-year-old Carans’ goal in life is to do the minimum necessary to keep himself fed. He does as little work as possible, dumping the work on his long-suffering wife and shifty children. The son of an innkeeper, he almost didn’t become a master because he was such a slack and idle journeyman. Finally, his father was forced to call in a few favours and pay some substantial bribes to let him slide through.

In most professions, Carans’ severe nearsightedness would be a handicap, but in his case, the common refrain he tells the city watch is “Sorry officer, I didn’t see anything, I’m half-blind you know.” Surprisingly, he can read and write Harnic and speaks Jarinese. He is often the man people bring documents that they need read, but can’t explain where they got them (like Userer’s notes). In these cases, he also acts as a fence, selling stolen property to people who won’t ask any questions.

His son (Dralvin) and daughter work in the inn along with his wife (Delael).


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Carals of Hilgenel

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