Caran of Chahryn

Pilot of the Timivan


An average man of medium height with short-cropped black-brown hair and brown eyes. He has a small beard, neatly trimmed, and a mustash. He dresses in common greens and browns, preferring layers of cloth over leather. He doesn’t like hats.


Caran has been on-board the Timivan for 4 years. He’s been a pilot for 10, and an apprentice for 5 years before that. Growing up in Melderyn as the by-blow of a sailor and a fishwife, he always wanted to go to sea; but watching old sailors with their wounds and money troubles taught him that knowing how to read and write would provide him a better course for his life than what the sea offered every-man. He found passage on board the Shamis, and learned his trade from the Shamis’ pilot.

He’s been as far east as the ports of the Azeryan, as far south as the isle beyond and has detailed maps of Ivinia’s coastline in his rutter. His current captain sticks primarily to the route around Harnic Isles, which is fine with Caran. He finds the trip easy, and the profits good. He’s not as open or friendly as others in his trade, preferring to stick with sailors rather than other pilots (who remind him too much of fishwives). He tries to be honest and forthright, but occasionally fails and feels guilty for it. He considers himself a good man, pays tribute to Sarajin and Peoni, and is well-liked by his captain and crew.

Caran of Chahryn

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