Clemens of Desforia

A high priest of Save-K'nor, emssisary to the crown of Kand


A bald man who stands about 6’ tall. He is of average build, but wiry. His eyes are blue and his eyebrows are a greying brown. He typically is clean shaven; but is not above wearing a disguise. He has three small red diamonds tattooed on his inner right wrist.


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Little is known of Clemens.

He shares the confidence of the Prince, Anaflas Milaka; and acts as occasional emissary for the crown. He is a herald as well as a priest of the religion of knowledge.

He was recently seen at the Selvos Summer Tourney in 721TR. Rumors say the prince was with him, although that must surely be gossip.

In speaking to the party, he admitted to being the one that turned Lady Rilea from being a young, scared girl in a low-level Agrikan family into a Laranian sympathizer with no friends, no family, and a loving Laranian husband. This was the ninth person Clemens turned (or as he puts it: killed and brought back). He admits it changes him as much as it does others.

He was born in Shiran ( Tharda) where he was orphaned and raised by the order of the Rydequelyn. His brother serves as the Prince’s motley fool. Neither one lies, although the fool serves up the truth while Clemens is a bit more politically aware.

When the party became the Prince’s Voice, Clements became their mentor. He tries to tutor them in intrigue and offer solutions to the problems they find themselves in. At Winter court in 721TR, he warned the party that they were now pawns in a greater game. Clements has a habit of sacrificing pawns, but only when needs must. At Summer court in 723TR he was told by King Andasin IV to tutor that one some more, which will probably lead to more lessons in intrigue if not etiquette. He is currently training Tamarie and Nina the martial art common to his order whenever he can. He is more often away from the party than with them, as he has his own missions and duties to perform for the Prince throughout the year.

Clemens of Desforia

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