Dedoras of Kenvele

Ebaseth of Minter


An earnest young man who inherited the temple and the surrounding faithful. He has shaved his head down to a single band of short black-brown hair. He has a medium complexion and brown eyes. He stands 6’3" with a heavy frame and plain appearance.


Born on the 3rd of Kelen (Feniri-Aralius Cusp) in 695TR, in Ontur, Melderyn. His father was a peddlar who often took the boy on his rounds. His mother was a farmer, and he was the 6th of 8 living children. When Dedoras turned 8, his father brought him to the local temple of the Irreproachable Order claiming he had neither the funds or the means to see to the lad’s future. Dedoras eventually forgave his family, but has never returned to visit. He was sent to Kaldor for training with a dozen other boys, and eventually became a mendicant priest. While in Menekod, Pelena Kadris of Talanoth asked him to accept a posting in a small village near Selvos. He agreed.

Dedoras of Kenvele walked to the temple in Minter, and never met the previous ebaseth, Martel. He has learned much of the locals gossip. He admits to being from a large family, but speaking of it rarely. He says he had no sisters and even less experience with women. The temple in Minter is small, but homey and he regularly opens his home (and the nearby church close) to all that require shelter. His meals are simple, but he will always share.

Photo of a medieval priest by Sandman 2k.
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Dedoras of Kenvele

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