Ebaseth Karissa

A priestess of Peoni in Selvos


A quiet and well-thought of woman in the service of Peoni in Selvos. Her looks belie her age.


Medieval dress 03 by Idzit
Modified using TokenTool.


A “young” devout priestess, she grew up in Aleath and took to the order when she turned 18.
She came north with a caravan, and fell in love with Selvos. She admired the people and their story.

Ebaseth Karissa has been the midwife in Selvos since the invasion (Ezar’s War). She was put in charge of the Peonian temple at Selvos at a very young age as, after the invasion, there were few left who could help continue to run the place. She gladly succeeded her role to Father Yoesf of Kesyn, when the time came.

Ebaseth Karissa

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