An itinerant worker in Dureve Hundred.


A young man with sandy blond hair and sunken blue eyes. His clothes are old, but finely mended. His hands are calloused and usually clean.


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Born the fifth son of six children to a small clan, he was a popular child. His father hired on as a mercenary to Kanday’s forces, and he was born on the battlefield. His mother died with the birth of his youngest sister, and it somehow fell to him to look out for his clan while his father was away. When his father tried to take the family home, a place Esorn had only periodically visited, he decided to stay behind.

Worshiping Halea, makes him stand out in Kanday; and he’s wandered around a bit, taking odd jobs. Four years ago he came to Gebasath and met Helina by chance. From that meeting, he decided to stay; doing odd jobs and saving his coins until he has enough money to offer Harden a suitable bride-price for his daughter. Helina agrees. Harden, however, would rather the lad take the oath of Serfdome and settle down. They argue frequently, but it doesn’t stop Esorn from continuing with his plan.


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