Esolani to Father Yoseph of Kesyn


He stands 6’3" with a medium frame and average appearance, he has black hair, hazel eyes and a medium complexion. He wears his curly hair long and typically sports a beard and mustache; although neither are well-kept.


Born in Wimen (Rethem) on 702 Peonu 24 (Aralius) to a small family of serfs. He regularly worked the fields with his father, but despite loving his family, he left when he was 9; joining a mercenary company. He traveled widely and found apprenticeship as a carpenter on board a series of ships. He rose to the rank of journemanship before being caught by the party near Selvos.

After seeking sanctuary for his crimes of kidnapping and piracy, Father Yoesf of Kesyn accepted him as an alcoylte and he has lived and worked in the local Peonian temple ever since. He hopes, eventually, that the locals will forgive him; but knows that is unlikely.


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