Felestra of Meylyn

Senior farmer of Gebasath


Standing 5’0" with a medium frame, she has long brown hair parted in the centre, wide brown eyes and a charming smile.


KMSelvosPeople © 2003 Kerry Mould. Derivative work. Art by Richard Luschek.Article available on Lythia.com.


The daughter of a successful farmer, Felestra, now aged 31, grew up in a life of safety and security. Her family’s large farm provided plenty to eat and enough to afford occasional luxuries. When she came of age, she met a smart, successful farmer just like her father. Although he lived on the far side of the Hundred, she convinced her father to allow them to marry. She moved to Gebaseth and settled down to raise a family.

A few years later, her parents died, her useless brother took over their farm. He ran it into the ground, wasting the inheritance and eventually defaulting on his contract and loosing it to the manor lord. Felestra was more fortunate. Her and her husband had two lovely children and a successful farm until one morning in 716. Habryl, her husband, complained of a headache and went to lie down. When he didn’t wake up for dinner, she went to check and found him dead. The last four years have been a constant challenge, raising two children and managing a farm as a widow.

Without relatives to fall back on, Felestra has been forced to carry on. With the help of hired hands, she herds over sixty sheep, protecting htem form wolves, shearing their wool and slaughtering hte culls. She brings her own wool to market and can often be seen negotiating with the mercantylers in the Victory Square market. She has one of the largest freehold farms in the Hundred.

Felestra of Meylyn

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