Senior farmer of Gebasath


A cragy-faced grey haired farmer with bushy eyebrows. His forehead is receding, but otherwise he is fit and trim.


Image Farmer by Drumlanrig
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Born the fifth son of seven siblings in 688 (1st of Larane), Harden was the first to move to Gerbaseth in his teens and founded a new farm in his twenties when he began courting his wife. He started out herding for Sir Ostar Julander, Sir Noani’s father. Being quite successful and good at his job, he became known as a natural leader of men. His family, mostly now scattered through Dureve Hundred has had equal success. His aunt, the eldest of his clan, visits Gerbaseth irregularly now due to health, but was once a regular visitor to Harden’s home.

His parents, living in the lands around Ondravy, are still together and welcome their son when he visits. The eldest son now runs their parents farm.

He considers Father Tam a close friend, with Felestra of Meylyn a strong ally, even though they often disagree and publicly argue. He respects the widow more now than ever before. Harden is well known in Sir Noani Julander’s manor and visits regularly both as headsman of the village and chosen leader of the herdsmen. By agreement with Sir Noani’s father, Harden is a free farmer, for services rendered. Many believe Harden saved Sir Ondravy’s life during an Agrikan raid. Sir Ondravy granted Harden’s freedom and land along with a stylized gladiolus and sheath. Harden isn’t too sure how to use the blade but often wears it to the town meetings and other “formal” events.

He met his wife, Balanà©® Gerbaseth, when he went to the wool fair. Her family lives in Wintessa. After the initial meeting, he found reason to visit Wintessa frequently. They were married soon after, and have three children (Ugart M/10, and Helina F/16, Lomis M/14). Ugart is determined to become a scholar and has his father’s promise that, if he still feels the same way at 12, Harden will send him to Selvos to study. Helina, as the eldest, will inherit the farm.


Farmer by Drumlanrig on Deviant Art


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