Hemiral of Sarien

Chandler in Selvos


With an average appearance, and standing just under 6’, he has a medium frame and black hair (going grey) and brown eyes. He dresses well and is friendly to most. He strikes a hard bargain, but is known for his rather steep discounts when dealing with those who cannot otherwise pay.


Born in southern Aleath, his father ran a small shop at the edge of the city for years. He apprenticed with his father as an only child. His mother died when he was 12, but his father provided a rich and welcoming homelife. At 16 he became a journeyman, and travelled along the Dyrisa road, plying his trade. His father still lives near the shop he ran, although now it is run by another.

At 21, as a loyal agent of Ranald Milaka, the Earl of Sarkum, Hemiral was sent to Selvos in 698 when Sir Grolis was named Earl. Immediately after the war, Ranald coveted Selvos to expand the power of his clan. He was annoyed when his wife, Queen Mirelael, concerned with the growing influence of her husband’s clan, gave the castle to Grolis. In the intervening years, he has had to grudgingly admit that the man has done a good job defending the border. Still, Ranald still keeps a close watch on the region, through the chandler. His task is to report any unusual events and so he has developed a network of guildsmen friends who keep him informed about activities in Selvos and the Hundred. Hemiral regularly makes subtle inquires about any newcomers to the town.

With the financial assistance of the Earl of Sarkum, the chandler has developed a large general store in Selvos. Unfortunately, his patron insists Hemiral buy all his goods from Clan Milaka mercanylers in Aleath. His competitors, on the other hand, are free to buy cheaper goods from Rethem and Tharda and resell them in the market. His business is not doing well.

He is currently trying to court Alagra, wife of Captain Menar of Surrata.

Hemiral of Sarien

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