Inquisitor General, Amera Rusyn

The Inquisitor General for the crown of Kanday


A stern, straight-backed woman of middle age and red-brown hair. She has hazel eyes.


Born in Menekod, Kanday on 7 Morgat, 680 (Lado-Masara cusp) as the fourth daughter of seven children to a knight-bachelor in the service of the Queen of Kanday. Brought up in the religion of Larani, it seemed a natural choice that this highly-organized, detail-minded person who loves to read become first a dame of Larani and then later an inquisitor. She squired with Lady Domenicsa Demillaen before seeking her own path.

Lady Amera replaced Inquisitor General Lady Domenicsa Demillaen1 in 720TR. When she took her oath to the King, she left the Laranian order of the Checkered Shield, with the Chabla’s reluctant blessing. Lady Domenicsa lost a duel and was badly injured. While the duel was for a trivial and personal matter (defending the honor of her husband), the loss had a heavy emotional cost that led her to name her successor. Lady Domenicsa resides in Aleath with her family and acts as mentor and adviser to Lady Amera.

Lady Amera is a relatively wealthy woman in the King’s service. She owns no land, and expects no rewards from her service. Her biggest disagreement to date is with Sir Syman of Tolfane (Chabla of the Order of the Checkered Shield) as she believes the law should overrule the heart in all matters. The heart only has a place when sentencing the guilty. She is an excellent debater, and her skills often lead the Chabla to great levels of frustration as his voice rises and hers remains calmly neutral. That she uses this difference as proof to her reasoning will always result in the Chabla storming out.

1 Kanday module names the Inquistor general as Lady Domenicsa Demillaen; somehow I missed this when presenting the character to the party. Rather than correct the name, I created a feeble backstory in the hopes it would provide further depth for future stories.

Inquisitor General, Amera Rusyn

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