Jor of Kelgorfa

Captain of the Bera


Standing 6’3", with a medium frame and average appearance, he has brown-black hair worn at the moderate length, grey eyes and a tanned complexion.


Image Captain Matrono by Oldbeho on Deviant Art.
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Born on the southern cost of Tierezon to a large family, Jor was granted captaincy after his first ship was destroyed in a storm on the Gulf of Ederwyn. He won support for the Bera because of the great lengths he went to see that all of his crew was either found and saved, or buried with honors. His new crew has many of the men from his previous ship, and the are fiercely loyal to him as he is to them.

He has made the trip over to Harn twice, and each time has come back with an embarrassment of riches, thanks to Harn’s incredible bounty. Even with the import taxes, the voyage is guaranteed to be profitable, assuming he can survive it. His crew is an odd assortment of men and women of knowledge and unique skills. His pilot is a young woman who can whistle up the wind. His master of cargo can speak with bats, who help him keep track of the supplies in his care. His crewmen are all able-bodied, and many of them speak a wide variety of languages.

Jor speaks Harnic, but not well. He relies on his crew and the few people he has made contact with during his first voyage here. He does not pretend to understand the politics of Harn, and refuses to let his crew depart the ship alone. He finds the social obligations of being a Captain in the Harnic isles difficult at best, the meetings, the dinners – and yet he does attend.

Jor of Kelgorfa

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