Kadris of Talanoth

Pelena (High Priest) of Menekod


A middle-aged man with a bushy brown head of hair, kept shoulder length and wavy despite whatever hoods he tries to hide it under. He dresses in different colored robes, based on the season as per his order’s tradition. He stands a bit over the middle height and is slowly gaining weight as he ages.


Born in 673, Kadris was late coming to the priesthood. The fifth of seven children, he nursed his mother through three years of ill health until she succumbed when he was 22. He joined the Peonians then, believing his father would be taken care of by the families of his many siblings. Coming to the priest hood with only a good knowledge of farming and brewing, he did his best and found his true skills lay in politics and ministrations to the faithful.

Only recently has he learned that he was adopted. When his father passed in 690TR, after a long and full life, a sibling delivered his father’s last words. Kadris was born to parents killed in an Agrikan raid. The two families, being close, adopted Kadris into the household and the older children were sworn to secrecy. His work with the Peonians took him far away from the farms on the outter edge of Sepire, but he remembers the place and its people fondly. He accepted the stewardship of Menekod when his master, Pelena SanerelĂ« of Rusyin died from old age. Few have questioned the vote to grant him the position and he gets along well with the Sir Syman of Tolfane, Chabla of the Order Of The Checkered Shield.

Many of the merchants in Menekod consider him a “close and personal” friend, but in truth he counts only a few outside his order as friends: Balkas of Melderyn, a quirky older gentleman, Rechen of Doro (a clothier) and Qualuk of Neril (a mason). He does not get along with Gelis of Uladar (a chandler) nor the local embalmer (Falis of Erian) whom he finds prickly and fickle.

Kadris lives (and intends to die) by his faith. Being so closely tied with the fighting order of Menekod has caused him great personal strife at times and he and the Chabla have spent many long nights in furious discussion. He abides his bishop’s decisions, but cannot stomach the Banner of Honor and what they stand for.


“Monk” by InThenameofArt

Kadris of Talanoth

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