Kerlael of Etarni

Pilot of the Bera


A tall thin man with straw-yellow hair and piercing blue eyes.


Born in Kingdom of Melderyn, Town of Chyrefal on 29th of Navek, in 688 (Masara), he is the eldest of 6 of a fairly large clan of clothiers. Unfortunately, being the wold child in a large city led to his estrangement not just from his family, but from his entire clan at a young age. He found a ship bound for faraway and got on-board. Fortunately, he was welcomed and joined the ship’s crew as an assistant pilot. It took nine years for him to gain his mastery and find a ship on which to work.

Over the years he’s made many friends in the many places he’s visited by ship. He likes serving on the Bera, but is always on the lookout for a new ship. His accent is Azeryian and he claims that is his home mostly because he spent a majority of his childhood there. He speaks some Harnic, but rarely likes to speak it at length because he’s had so very little practice with his native tongue.

Kerlael of Etarni

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