Kopin of Osforn

Corporal in the Militia


A young man, of moderate build, with brown hair and brown eyes.


KMSelvosPeople © 2003 Kerry Mould. Derivative work. Art by Richard Luschek.


The son of farmer, Kopin left home early in search of excitement. The son of a yeoman and member of the militia, he sought employment as a man-at-arms. Finding service with the Earl of Selvos, he has worked at the castle for ten years, rising to the rank of Corporal He is very loyal to his liege, and if he has one weakness, it is his family. He has a young wife and two young children, a boy (5) and a girl (3). They live in a small rented house in the town. If they were threatened, he would do anything to save them.

Kopin is currently in charge of the watchtower on the far side of the harbour. This position rotates every three months and he is expecting to move back to the castle next month. He gets along well with his men, even if they do find he is a stickler for details. He checks daily to ensure the brazier has sufficient wood and the sentries are at their posts and alert.

Kopin of Osforn

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