Lady Alicia Meldon

First wife of Sir Temilin Chahrvn


Said to be quite beautiful.


Image Medieval Lady by NicoleCadet
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The first wife of Sir Temilin Chahryn, and the strong willed sister to Sir Poryn Meldon. They married for love. She followed Sir Temilin shortly after the invasion of Selvos, and came to live with her brother in Minter, as it kept the love-birds close.

The Lady was married to her gallant young knight at the signing of the Selvos Peace treaty, despite Sir Temilin’s father’s objections. The bloom of their love started to fade shortly after their second child, Asheia, died in her sleep at age 2 (in 699TR). The Lady became distant and rumours of her difficulties started to spread. Some said she was too willful to live in peace under Sir Grolis’ roof (and they did fight often). Others said Sir Temilin had a wandering eye. In the end, only the Lady herself knows why she did it. Late one evening, she carefully kissed young Conlon goodbye and stepped out of the window of the Lady’s Tower (the south-east tower) one fall evening.

Her ghost is said to still haunt the lady’s tower.

Lady Alicia Meldon

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