Lady Miara Korades

Wife to Sir Pavers Xelados


Sir Pavers’ spouse, Lady Miara Korades, maintains a fair and honest position as the keep’s chamberlain. She manages the keep household, except for the guard. Her husband describes her as the better knight than he.


Lady Miara, 25, is the youngest child of Sir Harveth Korades, Lord of Ganord Manor. She is an attractive, voluptuous woman, with a weakness for pretty dresses and perfumes. Sir Pavers loves her dearly and would not dream of sharing a bed with another woman. Lady Miara acts as Chamberlain of Dunir Keep, a duty she takes seriously. She has absolute power over all household servants and activities and trying to get past her gaze is almost impossible. Lady Miara ensures that all servants are properly fed and clothed, and demands utter dedication in return. She keeps a ledger of all material in the keep down to the last pot, something that is widely appreciated by the baron and her husband. She is admired and respected by nearly everyone, except for the cook who is dismayed by her accurate records.

Pavers fell in love with the daughter of Lord Harveth, Lady Miara, who seduced him in the manor hayloft. Lord Harveth quickly agreed to a marriage. In 714, Pavers was knighted and left for Dunir taking his young bride with him. She bore him a son, Yuri II, three years ago.


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Lady Miara Korades

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