Lady Rilea Lazcaver



A beautiful woman who is aging gracefully. She has long straight black hair turned silver-white that is usually held back with a band or small tiara. Her appearance at all times is near to immaculately clean and well presented.


Little was known about the Lady until that day in Winter court 721. There, the party learned that it was she, as a mere child, who opened the castle’s water door to allow the Kandian invasion force into the castle. Without her involvement, the siege of Selvos would have been far longer and cost far more lives. It was Clemens of Desforia who convinced her to betray family, friend, religion, and king; and it was Sir Reynald Milaka who put her in the hands of the young knight that later became her husband (Sir Shorian Narquen).

Her family was slaughtered that day, or given the chance to flee; and she was protected by the young Sir Shorian until the purge was complete. Eventually, they settled in Ryvilla and had a son (who was knighted Sir Tristant Lazcaver of Vima, after his paternal grandmother). Unfortunately, Tristain lost his knighthood in a dule with Sir Tirn of Selvos. Sir Tirn hesitated to kill the unvaliant knight because of his mother’s timely intake of breath — the only sign she gave about what was to happen.

Lady Rilea demanded the winter court give her son back his honour. In the end, they agreed to allow him to walk the pennetant path to the holy city of Tengela in Trierzon. If the pontiff forgives his actions, then his title will be restored to him. Lady Rilea is determined to go with him, but her husband is trying to convince her otherwise.


Image source: Dutches Elayna by AlainaM
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Lady Rilea Lazcaver

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