Larissa of Kephar

Laranian Judicar


A beautiful woman standing 6’ tall with brown-red hair and deep brown eyes.


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Born on the 1st of Savor, 690, Larissa was the first of three children born to Alphar and Victonia of Kephar. The small clan are minor land-holders in the town of Sepire. Larissa felt the calling to join the knighthood at an early age, and became a page at the young age of 9. By 12 she was a squire, and by 19 a knight. She traveled with a small group of young knights all over Kanday, to eventually settle in Selvos in 713TR. Within the year she was named as a Judicar in the order of the Checkered Shield.

Between her travels, her family, and her role as Judicar, she has numerous friends throughout the region and in Kanday as well. She tries hard to appear cold and calculating. A physical woman, she is very good at combat and not afraid of confrontation. She tries to listen and judge people fairly, understanding that most folk are good at heart and feel guilty about something.

She lives in the temple close in Selvos, and travels regularly through Durive Hundred to provide justice. While she is entitled to an honor guard of three knights, she often travels with junior knights whenever she can.


Image source; The White Knight by MyWorld1
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Larissa of Kephar

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