Maketa Laramas

A young and ambitious priest of Larani


A tall, lanky young man, he has tonsured red hair, pale brown eyes and surprisingly soft hands with long fingers. He dresses in the traditional robes of his office.


Photo Monk I by Enlothien
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Laramas was the third child of a noble family in the south of Kanday. He was granted to the church at the tender age of 12 as the family’s inheritance was too small to divide among all the children. His earliest days in temple were hard and brought out the boy’s strong desire to excel. He dreamed early and often of being the youngest Rekela (bishop) in the history of the country.

He was the first in his class to memorize the holy litany and was transferred to Selvos as soon as an opening for a Matakea (temple priest) became available. He left his friends and his family for the chance at advancement. Unfortunately, the temple of Selvos is run under a different standard. Here, his memorization of holy texts made him interesting, but one of many. His adherence to the rules was seen as commonplace, and his combat skills heavily lacking.

He made few friends over his year here. He is not the type to make friends, seeing his fellow priests as competition. The knights find him self-righteous and overly anxious to succeed. The priests find him pretentious and tiresome. Still, he perseveres. He studies regularly and frequently. He works hard to excel, and has no time for those not willing to keep up; and he is certain no one can.

Now, after being in the Selvos temple for a year, he’s begun having “visions”. Matakea Ashesa Yordag is certain the visions are a sign of falling sickness (epilepsy) and an over-active imagination. Still, the idea of an oracle among them has charmed much of the priests and brothers, and has once again brought Laramas fame.

Maketa Laramas

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