Malkea of Malon

A fishwife


An attractive 20-year-old young woman, with sandy brown hair and brown eyes.


Malkea has been forced to grow up quickly, living by her charm and wits. Orphaned six years ago at age fourteen when both parents died from an unexplained stomach flux, she was left to raise her brothers, aged 10 and 12. Finding there was little money to be made as a fishmonger, she turned her considerable charm on her male customers in desperation and discovered there were many middle-aged men who were willing to support and protect her in return for her favours. She is currently carrying on affairs with Brord, a sergeant from the castle, a Matakea from the temple, Baras, the miller and a bailiff from a neighbouring manor [Paldur]. She has each of them convinced that they are her true love and the others are meaningless dalliances.

In the end true love won out and in 722, she accepted Baras’ request to marry. They intend to have the official at the Summer Tourney in Selvos, in 723. The other relationships ended, eventually the men came to terms with the fact that she and Baras were to get married.

Her youngest brother, Karaig (now sixteen), spends much of his free time with the Harbourmaster’s servant Tyster of Dolden.


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Malkea of Malon

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