Master Thomas

Master wineseller out of Dunir


A wide man of middle height with blue eyes and graying hair that is of the mid-length. His portly frame was not as well known as his stout walking staff topped with a drinking glass. He typically wore a large medallion of the guild and a ring depicting his status.


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Thomas is one of several wine merchants that ply their trade along the coast of Kanday between Aleath and Selvos; sometimes going as far north as Golotha or Tormau. His ship, the Baccarus, is a familiar sight in the summer in Selvos. While he claims a familiarity with the Earl of Selvos, in truth the Earl likes Thomas’ wine and pays him well for it.

Thomas is a local reseller, the owner of the Baccarus (back in Aleath) buys vintages from as far away as Azerya and relies on other merchants to ship it to Aleath, where he fills the Baccarus’ hull with the vintage he believes will sell best. The small Dak plies the coast with a minimalistic crew and three other merchants (a cloth merchant named Rardil, a silver smith named Siravis, and a spice merchant named Shonos). His niece, Emma travels with him in 721 to Selvos for the fair. While a good merchant herself, her father has higher hopes for her future.

Thomas is known to have a sharp temper that passes as quickly as a summer storm. His labourer Roger knows the difference between when his master is angry at him, as opposed to just angry (others, lacking his long-earned wisdom, probably can’t). His niece tires of him trying to arrange a good marriage for her; believing she can do it better. When in his cups, Thomas is willing to admit she’s probably right.

In the spring of 721, while in Tormau, Sir Thomas was contacted to bring a letter to the Earl of Selvos. Fearful that his boasting has gotten him in trouble at last, Earl Lynnaeus has paid him well for this effort. Sir Thomas arrives at the fair intent on finding some way to see the Earl, perhaps on the second day of the fair when he presents the wine. He was hopeful things would go well; but upon his arrival he is accosted by Sir Tristant Lazcaver of Vima, who claims to be also working for Earl Lynnaeus. Thomas went off with him, and was killed. His body was dragged by boat far up the river before being deposited on the bank, stripped down to his small-clothes. His rather large purse, rings, and medallion are all missing; but the expensive small-clothes he wears are still present and show no sign of being removed.

Master Thomas

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