Matakea Ashesa Yordag

Priest and Physician of the Order of Hyvrik


A stout man of less than the middle height, he is white haired and typically jolly. His receding hair line has not quite touched his tonsure, but it is getting close. Typically he sports a mu stash to hide a small scar beneath his nose.


Image of Monk by Tricia-Danby.
Modified using Tokentool.


Born in Larane, Ashesa was the 4th child of a large family. After a rugged life of a farmer and a soldier, he eventually joined the Laranian order of Hyvrik as a lay monk – never intending to become a priest. He turned his soldiers skills towards healing and his mind towards the physical betterment of his charges.

His family in Heroth is relatively poor, and he lost contact with them when he became a mercenary for a few years and travelled widely. He speaks rarely of his past, preferring to speak of his present and current situations.

Matakea Ashesa Yordag

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