Matakea Suloran Devik

Priest and Librarian of the Order of Hyvrik


Devik is in charage of the Laranian Temple’s library in Selvos. No one enters the library without getting past him. He escorts all visitors and only a single glass lantern is permitted in side. Suloran is very proud of the library, so much so, many believe he treats them more like children than objects. He is loath to allow duplicate books into the library, he reluctantly understands the necessity of occasionally having more than one copy of a popular or needful book on hand.

As Matakea (temple priest), his daily duties only allow him a few hours with his precious books. He has taken to the weapons training with due obedience, but he finds it to be a waste of his time. His preferred weapon is a lantern crook or staff; as he explains it these are the two most likely weapons to hand when he is at his labours. Despite his defensiveness around his library and his stern air, he is well liked and is quick to defend fellow priests and tries to aid younger priests should they lapse in their duty. He lives his life according to the laws of his order, and strives to see others do the same.

Devik is 37, and comes from a wide and scattered family that has roots in Dureve Hundred, south of Perishire. He has many cousins who are shepherds and farmers, but his parents died when he was young and he came to the temple an effective orphan, with his outlying family being too poor to take on another soul. Growing up within the order has limited his world-view. He sees his order as being right in all things as they are obviously guided by divine wisdom. In his heart, he is a good man, but he is disciplined and has little time for those who are not. When the Laranians took Selvos in in the Libareation of 695TR, he was one of the many who followed Elirel of Moldar north.

Arrogant and ambitious, he is devastated that the Abbott’s position goes to Serolan Barald Palgen, rather than to himself. It’s his wish to increase the importance of the monastery in which he serves that is behind his quest for the relics of a saint to put on their altar.

Matakea Suloran Devik

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