Metakea Dorel Kerdar

Abbot of Selvos


A grim, clean-shaven man above the middle height, but relatively thin for his size. His hair is grey and at 51 he is still fit and able.

Taken from the Selvos article. Written by Kerry Mould, Art by Richard Luschek. © Columbia Games Ltd. 2002


Dorel Kerdara, age 51, is a grim, humourless Laranian cleric. He hails from Shreve Abbey, near Dyrisa. He arrived at Selvos during the inquisition that began in 694 and was particularly effective at extracting “confessions” from Agrikans. He also specialized in cleansing the grounds, buildings, and any object possessed by the dark churches.

Dorel stayed on to help with the construction of the new temple. He came to the attention of Clan Chahryn at the funeral for Lady Alicia, and later conducted Sir Temilin’s wedding to Lady Myrrhe, gaining her confidence as well. In 708 he accepted appointment as personal chaplain to the earl and his family.

With the support of Sir Owain Chahryn and the Archbishop of Kanday, Dorel has established a network of “observers” to report suspect activity. He is always eager for information from outside the area, particularly from Rethem. Very little happens in Selvos which Dorel Kerdar does not eventually learn about. His knowledge gives him immense influence within the household and the community.

Metakea Dorel Kerdar

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