Obasaran Peada Tralaer

Master of secular affairs of Chendy Abbey


Born in 682, Peada has long brown hair and a beard. His naturally cragy face and lean physique belies an above-average strength and quickness that has proved itself well in the joust. He dresses in more conventional robes than his Laranian brethern; but rarely wears armour unless it is to practice or when travelling.


Peada Tralaer is responsible for relations with the local nobility, royal officials, and other secular affairs. He is also responsible for collecting the abbey tithe, and is often absent visiting the donors, listening to their concerns on church policy (and collecting their money). His relationship with Jens Demilaen is somewhat strained. He replaced the Sheriff’s brother as Obasaran in 718 after Maros Demilaen had been forced to resign. He also organized the first Saint Aedan’s Tourney at Chendy in 720 which Sir Jens refused to attend. Peada, who has kept up and improved the martial skills he learned as an ashesa, participated in the tournament because there was a shortage of knights. He came a respectable 4th in the lists.

Peada entered the church in 701 and was ordained in 708. He has risen quickly in the church on pure ability, not influence. Peada is not noted for his excessive piety. However, this is more of an asset than a liability when dealing with secular nobles, few of whom could relate to a saint. He was an assistant to Iblis Milaka in Aleath and chosen by her for this office. She respects him for significantly improving tithe revenues yearly.

Obasaran Peada Tralaer

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