Palycia of Meldamar

Knight of the Order of the Checkered Shield


A square-jawed, heavy framed woman she stands 5’10" tall and seems solidly built. She has sandy brown hair that she wears cropped short to fit well beneath a helm. Her gear is carefully tended, but well worn.


Image of medieval fighter by M-n-M-s.
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Born on the 26th of Peonu in 690TR, she is a middle-child from a large family in Thay. Her father was a thatcher, and her mother a farmer. When she showed an interest in joining the Peonian order, her family supported her as best as they were able. Unfortunately, her odd sense of humor and gruff manner lent her more towards Larani than Peoni; and so midway through her training she joined the Order of Hyvrik who passed her off to the Order of the Checkered Shield to train.

After a long bout of training, and a longer apprenticeship she followed her master on the invasion, being one of the youngest knights present. She survived where so many others failed, and stayed on as much in their memory as any other reason. She became friends with Dame Larissa of Kephar, and to this day they enjoy each other’s company. Dame Palycia is officially a Reblana, and there has long been talk of assigning her a manor in the temple’s holding. Until then, she is quite content to remain at the chapter house and guide young men and women through the process of becoming a knight.

Palycia of Meldamar

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