Prince Anaflas Milaka

Sheriff of Peris, Crown Prince of Kanday


A handsome man with the “Milaka nose”, he has long flowing brown hair and warm brown eyes. He trained most of his life to be a knight, and is fit and active.


Taken from the Kanday supplement. Art by Richard Luschek. © Columbia Games Ltd. 2006


The second son of Mirelael and Reynald Milaka, and the younger brother of Andasin IV, current King of Kanday. Anaflas is currently the Sheriff of Peris. Considered more pragmatic and energetic than his older brother, he has many supporters should he gain the thrown. Publicly, Anaflas plays the roll of loyal brother to the King, and takes his role of Sheriff seriously. Anaflas has also been named heir to the Earldom of Sarkum.

Anaflas is widely seen as more pragmatic and energetic than his elder brother, the King. Many believe that he would be the leader of preference should war break out. Although the brothers are not fond of each other, there is no open hostility, and since 718 Anaflas has been the Sheriff of Peris, holding Imiden Keep for the king, and regularly in attendance at Menekod (where he holds Winter Court).

Prince Anaflas and the Order of the Checkered Shield are considered by most locals as the primary defense against the horrors of the Agrikans and the Morgathians. Northern Kandians are highly intolerant of the forces of the dark churches that lie just across the border in Rethem and Tharda.

722 – In the Winter court of 722, Anaflas publicly named those who would act in his stead. These trusted individuals bear his seal and act in his name. This, in part, reduces Master Clements’ workload, but it also complicates matters. The three he chose were: Sir Tirn of Selvos, Sir Kjarri of Setara, and Matakea Seenae of Dosforyn. Their servants (Tamarie and Nina) seem to be also in the Prince’s confidence.

Prince Anaflas Milaka

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