Quelane of Latrede

Head of the Halean temple in Selvos


A young woman of moderate height (5’3") and slim build, she has fine golden hair and blue eyes. She dresses in the Helean fashion of loose and dauphinous robes, but is careful to always appear “proper” as, when in public, she sports pleasant scarves with which to wrap herself. She is hailed as the most beautiful woman in Selvos, but she does not rely upon such charms. She is also a cunning businesswoman, quick to negotiate deals and master conflict with a mix of smart wit and charm.


Quelane of Latrale has risen quickly through the ranks of the Halean Church. The daughter of a wealthy metalsmith, she was selected to enter the temple at age 13. She spent two years as a Corathar (Acolyte) before being made a Shenasene. Even at this tender age, she was known throughout Aleath for her physical beauty, beautiful signing voice, and quick whit; and large sums were donated to the temple to see to her education by patrons desiring just to spend time with her. Her beauty, charm and intelligence soon allowed her to bypass older, better-connected, priestesses. Becoming first Desilea (Mistress of the Luxuriant Page) and then Yishvina (Mistress of the Harmonies), there was even talk of her being selected to replace the current Aramia (Queen Mistress of the Temple) in Aleath.

When word of the declining fortunes of the Selvos temple reached the city, the current Aramia immediately “selected” her to revive the church’s position in this distant holding. While some may have seen this as a blatant attempt to get her out of the way, Qualane has seized it as an opportunity to show what she can do even with the smallest temple. She loves the independence the position has given her.

In the eighteen months she has been here, attendance and more importantly donations have stabilized. Although she still must contend with surprise inspections by the Earl’s men and the Laranians, she has managed to halt the slip in membership and lure back many of the lapsed members. Fine banquets and all that follow the Shesneal ritual have got the attention of some of the younger guildsmen and journeymen. Viradu the Hideworker 21 has thrown his full financial support behind the temple.

The more conservative members of the town. They have demanded that Father Yoesf or Serolan Barald put an end to this “ministry”, but they have so far refused, quoting the idea of a Concordat between the gods. Privately, the Earl has ordered them to not move openly against her for fear of alienating the guildsmen.


Information modified from the original Selvos People by Kerry Mould.

Quelane of Latrede

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