Rekela Carlen Milaka

Bishop of Temula


A balding, gray haired man with brown eyes. He stands 5’7" tall with a slight frame and average appearance. He prefers bears, but keeps them tight cropped.


Born on the 14th of Larane in 682 to Sir Osbern Milaka and Lady Brigot Udanel in Sarkum. His brother, Constable Elaris Milaka of Kedis, as born a few years later. Together they were an example of opposites. Carlen preferred study and contemplation while Elaris preferred combat. It came as no surprise then that Carlen joined the Order Of Hyvrik at an early age. While competent with a sword, Carlen knows he is far more dangerous with a pen.

His devotion to his studies helped him rise quickly in the ranks of the Order. He served his early years in Aleath under the master of the Library. Following Ezar’s War, he went north to spend time in Menekod Castle, where he met his cousin Anaflas Milaka. Being far better at discerning the subtle message of the King’s letters, Carlen proved himself politically apt in short order.

He gained the rank of Rekela in 716. Due to his camaraderie with the Crown Prince, and his Uncle’s great wealth, he has seen to the financing and started construction of a large cathedral at Korri in 720TR. This will take several decades to complete and is the envy of many others in the church. He still argues the value of the Order of Hyvik to all who will listen, believing the priestly order is absolutely required to manage the financing and other necessities of the fighting order. Without this pairing, the fighting order would have less time to train and be less well supplied. While he admits that the priestly order is, at times, too embroiled in politics, it is a sword he thinks the priestly order should fall upon to protect their brethern’s purity.

Rekela Carlen Milaka

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