Day laborer for Master Thomas (wine merchant)


A large man, standing 6’2" and broad of shoulder. He has black hair shorn short and going grey with deep brown eyes.


Image of Medieval Festival 11 by Eirian-stock.
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Roger is from Dunir. He’s worked for Master Thomas as a wine seller ever since he was 18. He is an unskilled laborer who’s never been able to afford the price for an apprenticeship. Master Thomas grants him far more leniency in the running of the booth than anyone of his rank should ever have. He is in love with Master Thomas’s adopted daughter Emma of Bristol, and had hopes she shared his interest.

Unfortunately, for him, that dream came to a crashing end after Master Thomas’ death in Selvos at the Tourney in 721TR. He promised to return to Dunir by another way than Mistress Emma and is using the time to see if he wishes to continue their relationship on a purely professional level.


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