Serolan Iblis Malaka

Abess of Chendy Abbey


Serolan Iblis Malaka, born 1 Larane 686 (Ahnu) is an energetic and assertive cleric. She stands below the middle-height for women (5’7") and is slim for the average frame (127lbs). She has a medium complexion with blonde hair and brown eyes. Her uncle, Sir Reynald Milaka jokes she avoided the clan appearance but was blessed with the perfectionism that is common to most of the leading clan members.

Her brother is Rekela Carlen Milaka, bishop of southern Kanday.


The Serolan has held the title since 718TR.
Her appointment raised quite a stir as Clan Demilaen had always held this office. And that her brother, the bishop, appointed her is seen as a clear sign of nepotism.
That, upon her appointment, she reassigned Obasaran Maros Demilaen to oversee his brother’s faith (Sheriff Jens Demilaen) is well known. Unfortunately this set the Demilaen clan against her and, despite the respect her tenure has earned her due to hard work and devotion, the Sheriff is a constant voice against her.

In 719 she held a tourney in Chendy, which was attended by Sir Reynald Milaka, but Sheriff Jens declined as he was “too busy” to attend. The tourneys of 720, 721, and 722 have all brought in modest revenue for the abbey and are well spoken-of locally. Last year the Sheriff was forced to attend to “oversee the crowd” and assure peace was kept. Local nobility remain torn as to which poll to follow.


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Serolan Iblis Malaka

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