Sheriff Jens Demilaen

Sheriff of Selionshire, Avertu


Nearly bald, the Sheriff is going grey at the temples. He has close-cropped brown eyes something akin to the Milaka nose. He wears his hair long, and most often sports a beard. He was born in 663.


Sheriff Jens Demilaen was appointed by Queen Mirelael. Sir Jens regards himself as the greatest loyalist of the House of Kand. Sir Jens’ loyal service has been rewarded by royal appointments for his kin. The Inquisitor General is his sister-in-law and her husband, Sir Bruncon, is the much feared Collector General. These close connections to the royal government provide Sir Jens with greater influence than most sheriffs.

The sheriff is a devout supporter of the church of Larani. Inspired by the massive cathedral being built at Korri, Sir Jens dreams of founding a Temple to Larani in Avertu to be run by his brother. The immense cost of such an undertaking far exceeds his own wealth, but he stubbornly promotes the idea with any visitor of substance. He gets little encouragement from the clerics of nearby Chendy Abbey who currently receive most Laranian tithes in the region. Sir Jens is an
honest officer of the crown.

Sir Jens foamed with rage upon learning his clan had lost the Serolan’s office at Chendy to a Milaka. Thus, there is a constant power struggle between the Sheriff and the Milaka family. The Sheriff supports the efforts of the Earl of Heroth, Sir Sine! Cassean, to marry his daughter Dorthea to King Andasin IV.

The Sheriff’s opinion about lblis Milaka is well known. His “colorful” public statements on her are viewed as foul slander by the Milakas.

Sheriff Jens Demilaen

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