Sir Arjun Chahryn

Captain of the Guard of Selvos


A man of middle height and fit for his age (48). Contrary to fashion, Sir Arjun shaves daily and so that he no longer looks like his childhood companion Sir Temilin, son of the Earl of Selvos.


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Sir Arjun Chahryn, aged 48, is the nephew of the Earl and the Captain of the Guard. A key position, it is only entrusted to the most loyal of followers. Born just one month after Sir Temilin, the two have grown up together their entire life. When they were young, the likeness between them was uncanny.

Known to be a bit of a hard-ass, the Captain keeps a tight reign on his men. He checks on the duty shifts on a daily basis, and more than one man-at-arms has suffered his wrath when he found them lounging about rather than devoting their full attention to their duties.

Sir Arjun has never married, though he is well known among the ladies as an ardent and passionate lover. He never had any desire to settle down and prefers the rough life of the barracks. His father, Sir Owain, considers him something of a disappointment, because although he is quite literate, he has never shown any interest in his father’s more devious activities.

Sir Arjun found each of the party members and performed their name-day ceremonies; thus ushering them into training at the Laranian temple in Selvos.

Sir Arjun Chahryn

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