Sir Auttin Krencathy

Knight of the Order of the Checkered Shield


A handsome man with curly long black hair. His beard is equally dark as are his eyes. He stands 6’3" tall with an average frame.


Biography from KMSelvosPeople © 2003 Kerry Mould. Derivative work. Art by Richard Luschek.Article available on


Six months after being made a knight, Sir Attin was discovered in a very compromising sexual position with is squire, Bren of Sturen. Within the hour, Sir Auttin and his squire had packed their belongings and were prepared to depart the family home. His mother begged her husband not to disown their only son. Although his father refused to have him in the house, he felt that it would be even worse for the family if he became destitute. He agreed to pay him an allowance of 24 pounds per year, on the proviso that Sir Attin leave and never return to Gexel Manor as long as his father was alive. Sir Auttin, carries the money as userer’s notes and returns to Tashal as requried to replenish his funds.

For the last three years, he has been an itinerant knight and pilgrim, accompanied by his squire and lover. The two have traveled all over harn (except for Rethem).

Sir Auttin Krencathy typically carries a fat purse of coins, a tinderbox, two candles, a small roll of parchment, ink and pen, two shirts, two sets of breaks, an extra tabard, boot lacings and an elaborately carved bone-handled eating knife. All his quilt and clothes are finely stitched and embroidered around the cuffs in red and white patterns.

Sir Auttin Krencathy

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