Sir Denyl Lynnaeus

Earl of Tormau


The party have never met the Earl, but they have run into his emissaries several times.

History in relation to the Party

Taken from 21 – A body, a memory, a mystery.

Sir Denyl (Earl of Tormau) first came to the party’s notice in the Selvos Tourney of 721 when Master Thomas was killed when trying to deliver a message to Sir Grolis Chahryn in Selvos.

The letter Master Thomas bore is short and to the point: it asks Sir Grolis to open to open communications between himself and the Earl of Tormau to overthrow the king of Rethem. It is signed by the light, the sword and the shield – implying that the Earl is a Laranian!

The party takes the letter to Sir Grolis, and are allowed to attend the family conference that follows. After much discussion, Sir Grolis decides that the best course of action is to burn the letter and pretend it never existed. He tells his grandson to burn the message, but Seenaë notices that instead Sir Colon has palmed it.

Taken from 26 The Emissarys arrival

Guided by a vision Tirn finds four knights in distress along with Kjarri and Tamarie. The knights are brought back to Selvos as they are knwon to the Reblena of Erinath.
The two knights are brought to see the Earl, and the party is invited as well. Sir Grolis Chahryn, Sir Temilin Chahrvn and Sir Conlon Chahryn receive them.

The party that the knights they rescued are more than they seem – they are men of legend: Sirs Enarod, Irik and Nassac. They are bringing the same offer from the Rethemi Earl of Techen that was intercepted at the fair. Irik is a devout Agrikan, and the party learns more about the Agrikan religion and orders than they knew before. It is mentioned to the Earl that the party has an invitation to the Winter Court. At the conclusion of the meeting, the party walks the knights back to the White Gold Inn before seeking their own rest.

Taken from 38-A Fair To Remember.
The next time the Earl is mentioned is at Winter Court in 721, when Nina discovered dignitaries from Sir Denyl in the bowels of the Menekod Castle. She doesn’t tell anyone of their presence.

In the winter court’s third day Sir Reynald petitions the court, asking for the Winter Court to support bringing the petition from Sir Denyl Lynnaeus of Rethem to the Summer Court. After much deliberation, the petition is passed. The motley fool, after giving a coin to the court for the war effort, presents a petition to the court in poetic form. He seems to tell all assembled to remember an enemy underground.

Taken from 68 – September 6, 2015
At Chendy, the party is expected to protect the Kandian delegation while they negotiate with Sir Berel Assudyne and Sir Isatis of Tardyne; both men are there to present the Earl’s plan to the King’s men (Sir Owain Chahryn and Sir Dalan Eristern).


The following is what’s known about the Earl.

Sir Deny l Lynnaeus inherited his title in 707. He is known to be a ruthless and masterful politician. During the reign of
Chafin II, Denyl strengthened his position by marrying his brother into the royal family, seizing lthius keep,from the Earl of Ithiko in 713, and building Weseda keep in 711 without bothering with the formality of, royal approval.

Since Chafin lII siezed the throne in 715, he and Denyl have been deadly enemies. The earl’s nephew and niece, the children of his murdered sister in law, reside at Tormau under his protection. These children have a better claim to the throne than Chafin III, something both the king and the earl are well aware of, and the well being of these children is important to both men.

For the last several years the earl has been attempting to secure external assistance for what he
views as the inevitable conflict with Chafin Ill. To this end he has sent “recruiting missions” to lvinia, seeking both mercenaries and disaffected clans who wish to better their fortunes. He has granted small estates to a few clans, allowed the establishment of a temple of Sarajin at Tormau, and since the spring of 719, has kept a garrison of lvinian mercenaries near the castle.

The earl has a policy of pardoning brigands in exchange for service in his growing army, or as irregular raiders against lands held by Chafin and his allies. At present he provides sanctuary to a gang of brigands who are active in the Ithiko-Zaza area.

The nearest enemy of Tormau is the Earl of Ithiko, whose hatred stems from the seizure of Ithius in 713. The Earl of Ithiko hopes that his support of Chafin will allow him to recover lthius. Earl Lynnaeus views Ithiko as the “first tree to be felled”.

Sir Denyl Lynnaeus

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