Sir Gressen

A young herald serving as messenger and dignitary between Menekod and Heroth.


An average-looking young man with a medium frame, standing 5’5" tall. He has blue eyes and brown hair on a complexion that darkens significantly with the season.


Born in Menekod Castle, he grew up surrounded by the Order of the Checkered Shield. As the fourth son of 10 children, he never expected to inherit. His love of books and old stories led him to become a herald. He is not particularly close to his family. When his father became a Reblena, they moved from Menekod to Waldel. The growing family needed the space, and it gave Sir Gressen more time with a private tutor.

Sir Gressen served his time as squire in Heroth, where he built long-lasting relationships with several of the local farmers around the castle. The group of men and women he served with are close friends and he corresponds with them often.

He has since acted as the royal messenger between the northern earls and Anaflas Milaka, Prince of Kanday. Sir Gressen rarely has a reason to visit Selvos for duty, since the Earl sends representatives to every court, and the trip is dangerous; although having met Seenae, he’s finding reasons.

Sir Gressen

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