Sir Grolis Chahryn

Earl of Selvos


An old man with a shock of white hair and a raising hairline. He dresses in thick cloaks even in the summer of the year.


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Sir Grolis Chahryn, age 79, is one of the most powerful lords in Kanday and a true patriot. His long experience fighting the Rethemi and his exposed position on the northwest border makes him leery of any King that would barter land for peace. A loyal defender of the House of Kand, he was chosen by Queen Mirelael herself to balance the influence of her husband, Ranald Milaka.

Grolis is the second son of the Sir Ardrey Chahryn, a founding member of the Order of the Checkered Shield. Grolis proved to be an excellent soldier, first in the Royal Guard during the Five Year War and then during Ezar’s War as the Sheriff of Peris. He rose to become Lord Marshal of Kanday and personally led the armies that captured Selvos and Menekod from the Copper Hook.

Appointed Earl of Selvos at the end of the war, Grolis has spent much of the last twenty years rebuilding his lands to serve as a stronghold against Rethem and staging base for future campaigns. Although the last ten years have robbed him of much of his mobility, he gives his failing health little notice. His hair is now pure white, his once powerful muscles have wasted away, but his mind is still keen and his gaze piercing. He has all but abdicated his duties to his eldest son Sir Temilin while he concentrates on completing his memoirs of Ezar’s War.

Sir Grolis Chahryn

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