Sir Noani Julander

Bailiff of Gebasath


A clean shaven man who always has a shadow of a beard, he keeps his head shaved as best he can. He stands 5’6" with an average frame. Some consider him handsome, he considers himself quite plain.


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The sixth son of Sir Ondravy Julander and Lady Tania, Sir Noani was sent away to Selvos to become a knight. Choosing secular rather than religious training, Sir Noani did well for himself, earning honors and being the only man of his family to survive various border skirmishes. He was knighted soon after its close and returned home to take up his inhertence. His relationship with his parents is strong, if occasionally rocky. His mother insists on remaining with his father in their home in Selvos and away from the “stench of sheep”. His mother cannot forgive the fact that, even while squiring under a reputable knight, he could not save any of his family.

He was born 689, 16th of Kelen. He considers Ebasethe Tam and Harden to be close friends. Sargent Maern and Sargent Thoern, the two men in charge of the two hands of soldiers stationed in the manor. While most are mercenaries, a few consider themselves men-at-arms and would serve Sir Noani regardless of whether he had any gold or not.

Sir Noani Julander

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