Sir Pavers Xelados

Heir-apparent to the Baron of Dunir


Standing 5’7" with a medium frame and dark short cropped hair and brown eyes.


Taken from the Dunir article, by Patrick Nilsson © 2002 N. Robyn Crossby & Columbia Games Inc.
Image by Richard Luscheck


Sir Pavers, born in 694TR, is a stern, pious lord, who worships his father and does his best to ensure the baron enjoys his remaining days. This relationship works because the baron allows his son to exercise real authority which satisfies everyone.

The youngest of three sons, Sir Pavers was destined for the church of Larani. This changed in 708 when his elder brother, Yarel, died from a winter fever. The baron then sent Pavers to squire under Sir Harveth Korades, the wealthy lord of Ganord manor. Lord Harveth was soon impressed with the young squire, and especially so after Pavers’ elder brother, Lothen, died in a skirmish with the Copper Hook. Squire Pavers was now heir to a barony.

Pavers fell in love with the daughter of Lord Harveth, Lady Miara, who seduced him in the manor hayloft. Lord Harveth quickly agreed to a marriage. In 714, Pavers was knighted and left for Dunir taking his young bride with him. She bore him a son, Yuri II, three years ago.

Sir Pavers is strongly religious. He would have been pleased to become a priest, but is now committed to the road chosen by his beloved goddess. He visits the abbey at Scinaret frequently, and has acquired a good education from the abbot.

Sir Pavers has cultivated a close friendship with the heir of the Earldom of Selvos, Sir Temilin Chahryn. He has also expanded his relationship with the Korades clan and is best friends with Sir Parsain, his brother-in-law and the heir to Ganord.

Sir Pavers Xelados

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