Sir Petryn Irien

Baron of Zerien


Born in 666, he is the fourth child of Lady Derelin Kabelan and Sir Marald Irien.

In 685, Sir Marald answered an appeal from the Sheriff of Perishire for aid by sending his youngest son, Sir Petryn, and a retainer, Sir Tamys Bakyth along with several men at arms in what would become known as Ezar’s War.

Sir Petryn proved to be a dashing and daring cavalry commander, especially skilled at reconnaissance and finding the enemy. Under Marshal Chahryn, Sir Petryn was instrumental in distracting the forces of the Copper Hook while the Caslte of Menekod was besieged and taken.

For his service during Ezar’s War, Sir Petryn was named in succession the Constable of Selvos, the Constable of Zerien and, in 701, the Baron of Zerien, swearing fealty to the new Earl of Selvos, Grolis Chahryn. Sir Tamys entered the Church of Larani, and has risen to the position of Bishop of Perinore.

Sir Petryn married Mayas Akendynf in 687.

Despite his experiences fighting Rethemi forces during Ezar’s War, Sir Petryn has managed to cultivate a relationship with Sir Dernik Webstal, the Constable of Phira across the Thard River. As a result of this relationship, Sir Petryn is often asked to arrange ransoms and prisoner exchanges for the ongoing skirmishing between the Checkered Shield and Copper Hook.

Sir Petryn’s sister, Losnila, is the Serolan of Canrey abbey near Ewen keep. His nephew, Sir Iralor is the bailiff of Chaux manor. Sir Iralor’s sister is married to Hareon Udanel, the Constable of Aleath.

Sir Petryn has five children and four grandchildren. The eldest daughter, Barsyn, is a priest of Larani at Lychale abbey near Pinide. Sir Arand is the Constable of Zerien and manages affairs on those occasions his father is away. Sir Arand is a devout follower of Larani and expends much of his time to promoting Laranian projects, sometimes to the detriment of his other duties and his family. Arand married Amina Xelados, cousin to Sir Pavers Xelados.

Sir Petryn Irien

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