Sir Poryn Meldon

Bailiff of Minter


A feudal noble of moderate wealth (dresses in simple, but well made clothes – prefers blue). He appears to be in his 40s, but otherwise in good health and strong body. He stands 5’7" tall with a medium frame, greying hair and blue eyes.
Companions: Sir Marian of Pattys (Knight), Sir Largo of Meldis (Knight), Master Wereda Dasethyn (Chamberlin), and Dedoras of Kenvele (Peonian Priest)


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The youngest of 4 children (and numerous unacknowledged bastards), Sir Poryn was always told his destiny is determined by his loyalty and his faith. He was born 692, 5th of Morgat (Sunsign: Lado) as the son of knights in service to clan Chalryn. The family, never very rich to begin with, had no land and was in service to clan Chalryn. Sir Poryn squired for Sir Grolis, and was leader of the second wave in the Kanday invasion of Selvos some 20 years ago. In return for his loyalty (and to keep his sister close), he was granted Minter.

He supported his strong-willed sister’s (Lady Alicia) love for Sir Temelin from the start. Even though he knew the Earl didn’t support the marriage, he considered his sister a force as strong as nature. His mother died in 719TR, from an illness that laid her low. His father is still alive, but he does not write as often as, perhaps he should as they have never been close.

In the Winter Court of 721, Sir Poryn accused Sir Temelin (the son of his liege lord) to have failed his chilvaric duties to his wife. He demanded satisfaction. This was a long planned event, with Sir Poryn and Master Wereda working together over the years since Lady Alicia’s death to try and solve the mystery themselves. Having finally acknowledged the failure, Sir Poryn brought the issue before Winter court expecting to duel Sir Temelin to learn the truth.

The court decided that arbitration was required and refused Sir Poryn the right to duel his liege lord’s son.
The arbitrators delivered their decision in the Summer Court of 722. Both Sir Poryn and Sir Temelin submitted to the arbritrator’s decisions that Sir Poryn should be removed from his post with neither dishonour nor penalty as the man was obviously still in morning for his sister. They saw no failing by Sir Temelin, noting he too still grieved for his first wife in his own way. The King took the matter under advisement and promised a decision in the coming months.

Sir Poryn Meldon

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