Sir Sarath Jattele

Knight of Larani


A dashing young knight of medium frame, standing 6’1" and of muscular build. He has brown hair and often sports a day or twos growth of beard.


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Born on 19th Ilven, 678 (Skorus) in Dyrisia. He joined the Order of the Checkered Shield at a young age, as an orphan growing up on the streets – it seemed the best choice he could make. His formative years were spent being a beggar and spending time in the Peonian Church; but he wasn’t the type to abide.

When the invasion was being planned, he found reason to work with Sir Grolis Chahryn. The Marshal had need of an inspiring young knight who worked to embody the chivalric code of a Laranian knight.

After the invasion, and the dust settled, he went off on a quest to Minter after the invasion and never returned.

In 721TR Sir Sarath Jattele accused Wereda Dasethyn of waylaying him and attacking him from behind. The truth of the tale is muddled (he fled a mounted night charging him, disappeared in the woods, and supposedly attacked the knight from behind while in a here-to unknown Morgathain Crypt (See 17 – Into the crypts). But the charge was withdrawn as Sir Sarath could not vouch-safe his testimony.

Since his recovery, he has returned to being a devout Laranian. He practices rigorously and seems happy spending time with old friends, despite the physical age difference. Most believe he’s handling the whole situation quite well. Having several sympathetic ears and lots of faith no doubt helps the process along. Still, Sir Sarath isn’t interested in traveling alone anymore. It is unlikely he will seek a position outside the Temple of Saint Ranuth and Saint Chelrik.

Sir Sarath Jattele

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